A day in the kitchen… MONDAY


Falling in love with my Canon

Falling in love with my Canon

My kitchen…  otherwise known as my office, the bakery, the lab, the florist, the photography studio, the gathering place…I always say I “wear a lot of hats on any given day”.  My kitchen could say the same thing! I’m looking at the kitchen right now, from where I sit at the dining room table, and thinking that on one hand I’m so grateful for it and on the other hand I would love to tear it up to reorganize the spacing. I have done so much in this one room today, so I’m going with the one hand that is grateful, and shelving the thoughts of remodeling.  No pun intended.

Today is Monday, one of my favorite days.  Monday, for me, means the beginning of a new week, a fresh new to-do list. A day to start fresh, reorganize, tidy up… I know, a unique perspective on Monday, as everyone I know drags and moans and groans about it. Again, I am not Pollyanna, truly, I just really like fresh starts. Monday, for me, carries the excitement of a starting line, a fresh new page, an empty bucket, a clean slate. I typically wear myself out every single Monday, which is why my poor sweet Tuesday is typically the least favorite day of the week.

I stayed busy today, and then remembered — I HAVE A BLOG— and snapped a few pics of what I was doing, and tried to re-orchestrate a few of the steps of what I had been doing and snap a few more pics as I finished up. I’ll catch y’all up in the next few posts. It’s been a day of falling in love with my Canon Rebel again, herb cuttings, food delivery to the local shelter, making a new friend, taking cookies to my youngest son and his crew, sassy water, deadheading flowers and pulling out poke weeds, making homemade fabric refresher, typing recipes to put into a cute new binder, catching up with a sweet friend, making croissant sandwiches for dinner… a typical day for me. Life moves fast. And so do I.


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