redwhitebluetrifleIt’s FRIDAY! Friday Friday Friday! One of my favorite days of the week! Sound familiar? I like Fridays, and it is one of my favorite days of the week, just not my #1 favorite day. As I see so many friends shout Hip Hip Hooray for Friday, and understand their sentiments, I see Friday as a deadline day. It is a day that I find myself checking the task list for the week, hurrying to finish what I reasonably can, and hustling against the clock all day. Saturday is one of my very favorite days, and I don’t like to crowd it with leftover tasks of the week. My task list this week has been a long one, full of new technology, classes, documents and seasonal chores. The list also included finishing several projects, taking a lot of photos and new project prep work. The rain has been a blessing, as there was no temptation of sunny summer day activities. The sound of the rain and the overcast days were perfect for me to stay on task at my desk and work table. I have to say, today has been a terrific Friday! I was on task on Wednesday night so I thoroughly enjoyed our holiday yesterday. I made BBQ pork chops, comfort food sides and a strawberry/blueberry/angel food cake trifle (with some great kitchen help). I was glad to wake up refreshed on this fine Friday morning, with a refrigerator full of goodies, and ready to hustle and cross a lot off the list today. The work day is done, so now it’s time to kick back, and enjoy the rest of the evening. Sam Cooke radio is playing and my sweet husband is home and is beckoning me for a dance across the kitchen. Love y’all… every day!

p.s. Friday will be more of favorite day again when autumn rolls back around and we are under the Friday night lights.


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