Firestarter Project Round #2

Firestarter Project Round #2

Firestarter Project Round #2

Well. Here we goooo. Round two. Anybody else a pinner? Anyone… anyone… Bueller… Bueller? This is “round two” for this little project. Are you getting a feel for my frustration? I love to pin projects on Pinterest. And then, shockingly, actually do the project. I heard that… the collective gasp. I know that pinning is fun, and the creative projects are in the millions, each one better than the next, lending credence to the idea that pinning is the hobby. More on that later. Round #2. T W O. This project sounded easy, uses materials we recycle, and involves one of my favorite things… my firepit. So, of course, I’m all in. All I needed was toilet paper rolls, dryer lint and newspaper. I saved toilet paper rolls, made a bag for dryer lint to hang in the laundry room, washed and dried everything in the house, and rescued some newspapers from the recycling bin. The instructions were probably easy enough, I didn’t read them, hence Round #2. Yes, I’m cheeky, I get it. I rolled those babies up, stuffed them with lint, tucked the ends in and prepared for fiiiirrrrreeee. Round #1… no luck. I lit and relit and fiddled with it and lit it again and probably said a word I wouldn’t say if my Pastor was here, and finally started the fire without the firestarter at all. Round #2. I have all of the components, and will look up the instructions and prepare again for a sweet little fire in the chiminea or the firepit, depending on what strikes our fancy that day. If at first you don’t succeed, read the instructions!


3 thoughts on “Firestarter Project Round #2

  1. Sweetheart Girl! This is the first time ever that I have found a use for dryer lint! I don’t have a fire pit but find that I must get one so that I can use my basket full of fire starters! Amazing!

  2. Tried the new ones last night… SUCCESS! Yep, lint is really flammable! My little chiminea had a happy little fire all evening. So glad for the cold front to move thru! Perfect timing for me to try these out!

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