Pink Tennies

pink nikesNew tennis shoes. Tennies. Kicks. Running shoes. Cross trainers.  Whatever you call them, now that we are adults, don’t you still get that “Wow, these are going to make me run FAST” feeling? I do! I have a pair of beloved hot pink Nikes that I have had for a while, that still seem to shine brightly, complete with a church choir hahhhhh (as in Halleluiah). Today was scheduled to be a terrifically busy day, full of fun baby shower party prep. A day that is what I call “an absolute Pink Tennies day”. It is also Friday, the day I deliver food from a local grocery store to the local shelter. Busy, busy! My husband and I had a very early, but sweet morning full of I love you’s” and “I’m sorry to jet so early’s” and off he went. I wonder if he noticed my sassy footwear sitting ready outside our closet? Anyhoo, I was slower going, but up and out pretty early, too. Our little town is small, so each stop brought a hug or a wave from a friendly face. I saw our minister on one stop, my shelter friends on another, a fireman I know, the sweet Steak ‘n’ Shake lady who puts extra vanilla in my Coke Zero, and on my next stop I saw my friend, Janie B. She had a big smile for me, and said “let me see those shoes!”. I was happy to show them off, and explain that some days are just made for pink running shoes. She happily agreed, and we think that I need a pair of sassy red ones, too.


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