Our first snowfall of the SEASON

What a beautiful day in Kentucky.

The first snowfall has our trees coated with a gorgeous glistening snow.

The horses are running through fields of white winter wishes.

Our school kids are celebrating a snow day. Hot chocolate, warm mittens, movies and cozy quilts…

These are the days memories are made of.

Thank you to William Buff Bradley for graciously sharing his beautiful photo. IMG_0862.JPG

Holiday GIDDY


It’s beginning to feel like the holiday season is upon us.

My neighbors used last week’s sunshiny days wisely, to put up their twinkle lights.

Shopkeepers are busy with their holiday displays and merchandise.

Main streets will soon be decorated with wreaths and lights along their lamppost rows.

Magazines have festive homes and goodies and sparkly party outfits on their covers.

Gift and wish lists are being exchanged, commercials are featuring the newest toys, blogs are featuring holiday DIY projects for gifts and home decor.

Churches are advertising their Christmas services and plays and cantatas.

Radio stations are beginning to add in holiday tunes, and will soon play them around the clock.

I love it all. I will never grow out of it. It will never lose it’s magic. Holiday excitement will always live in my heart, ready to be sparked back into giddy as the holiday season begins.


I love this darling hot chocolate recipe chart from SheKNOWS. It’s so cute!

Winter is whipping in with some early snow, and Jack Frost is dancing a frosty jig this weekend.

It’s the perfect time to stock up on hot chocolate supplies.

Peppermint puffs, flavored marshmallows, cinnamon dust and cocoa powder… mmmmm!

If you are in the path of the winter blast that’s heading our way… Snuggle Up, Buttercup!




A weighted word, but a weight carried well, to earn the right of it. Rich. Grounded. Worthy. A worthy effort. Courageous.

Those that are tasked with a hero’s load very rarely have time to look up and recognize it. Their full efforts are required. Rare upward or surrounding glances in the midst of a Herculean task risk to disrupt the work, unloose a chain in the armor, let a foothold slip.

I saw my husband be valiant this week.


Grounded, strong, sure.

It brought me to tears. It brought me to my knees. It humbled me in thanks to our Savior. It released my stronghold so that I could be held. I rested in it. It cracked my heart wide open in love and compassion.

Valiant. A worthy effort.

Come ON

Can’t beat a good ol’ country love song when you’re in the mood for one.


I’m gonna wear you down
I’m gonna make you see
I’m gonna get to you
You’re gonna give in to me

I’m gonna start a fire
You’re gonna feel the heat
I’m gonna burn for you
You’re gonna melt for me

Come on, come on
Into my arms
Come on, come on
Give in to me

You’re gonna take my hand
Whisper the sweetest words
And if you’re ever sad
I’ll make you laugh
I’ll chase the hurt

My heart is set on you
I don’t want no one else
And if you don’t want me
I guess I’ll be all by myself

Come on, come on
Into my arms
Come on, come on (come on)
Give in to me

I’ll use my eyes to draw you in
Until I’m under your skin
I’ll use my lips, I’ll use my arms
Come on, come on, come on
Give in to me

Give in to me


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