Oh WoW!

The new issue of Vogue came yesterday. It has unleashed FaLL FeVeR!!

These great fall pics are from Vogue, except for the boots on the bottom left. Those are just the boots I’m wishing for!

Sweaters, jackets, dresses and tights, boots, hats and layers… Oh My!

Crisp air, football games, pumpkins, scarecrows, apples, leaves, bonfires, cider… and so much more!

So much more! C’mon Autumn!




Go bananas with this handy tip of the day.

Instead of opening a banana from the top, or trying to as it splits without opening, open it from the bottom.

Yes, the bottom.

Just pinch the end, and it opens right up. Just like that. Boom.

It’s Friday… Go Bananas!!


My cheeky READERS

Happy one year of blogging to me!

It’s been a fun year!

I was looking thru some blog stats, facebook insights, twitter feeds, etc. last night. One blog post still stands out as the “most read”.

Why? Not the subject matter, the content, and certainly not the author.

It’s the title. I don’t need a focus group to tell me that now, however, it wasn’t until weeks after it published for me to figure it out.

The title is “The Perfect Shade of Gray”.

You cheeky readers!


You are not a PRIORITY

I’m sharing some links to articles that all say the same thing, in different ways, using the same exercise.

Here’s the gist of it: Substitute “I don’t have time” with “this/you is/are not a priority to me”.

It’s a great exercise. No excuses. No wordplay to use as camouflage. Clear message. Clarity.

The person you are saying “I don’t have time” to is receiving the message of “you are not a priority”, whether you recognize that’s what you are saying or not.

They already instinctively know that they are not a priority. They already have the pit in their stomach, big or small, of feeling less than whatever or whoever else you chose to spend time on. They know that gut feeling of knowing where they stand. Or where they don’t.

Everything else you are doing, everyone else you are talking to, every other thing you have taken on and said yes to shows your priorities. No matter what your words say.

The disappointment they feel is valid, and most likely reflects the depths of feeling they have toward you.

If they are in denial of where they are on your priority list, they will help you disguise it, accept your excuses and help excuse you as well. “He is so busy with extra work hours” “He volunteers a lot” “She had plans with someone else” “She was so tired from such a busy day” “He was already in for the night” “He wanted to watch his tv show”

As you exchange “you are not a priority” with “I don’t have time”, it also allows the other person to move on. They will hear more of a truth from you. The message will be clear. It may hurt, it may not, but at least it’s out in the open. They can adjust your place in their priorities… freely, cleanly, peacefully. There is freedom in that.

Clarity. It does a mind and body good.






say cheese… maybe next WEEK

It’s so way past time to have professional pictures made. Like a year past time, according to the professionals around. “You need head shots” “you need a professional package to tie all of your social media together” “where are your photos” “when are you scheduling photos”…

I don’t take selfies. Awkward.

I’m always behind the camera. I feel stiff at a professional sitting…..

Alright already!

I’m going to find a day to tinker with the timer on my Canon Rebel and borrow a tripod and traipse around town for some shots.

And probably schedule a professional shoot (then hopefully not flake out).

Guess we can’t use Trixie as a stand in. That only works on fb.

Here we gooooo…


Once it casts its SPELL

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net forever ~ Jacques Cousteau.



Good night. I'm off to dream of the sea. Its magic. Its wonderland of creatures gliding by. Of sand, and salty air, and the sound of the waves that always sing me back to them.


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